Joshua Liberman

President and founder of Net Sciences, Inc

Joshua Liberman is President and founder (in 1996) of Net Sciences, Inc, New Mexico’s most security-focused MSP. Joshua is a former rock and ice climber, martial artist, and lifelong photographer. He has traveled worldwide and speaks five languages. Heidi, his wife, calls him the most interesting geek in the world.



Endpoint monitoring and management

As we move forward into 2021, despite all the changes that the WFA (Work from Anywhere) shift has wrought, most of us consider desktops and laptops the most vulnerable targets.

Standardizing the service stack

One of the more commonly repeated tropes you will encounter as an MSP is the need to standardize your “stack,” that is, your offerings and the tools you use to deliver them. Like many of these aphorisms, there is some real wisdom here, but things are never as simple as thought leaders would have you believe. With that in mind, we can look at this admonition in a bit more detail to see why it is worth the effort to achieve.

Firewall management in 2021

A few years ago, many MSPs were happy enough to place a firewall, set it up, and walk away.

Driving the hardware replacement cycle

As we pass our “Coronaversary” this week, the issue that has captured the attention of our clients is the need for enhanced IT security. The equipment replacement cycle has taken retrograde steps. It is time to take a look at what drives the replacement cycle and what impedes it.

A note on customer excellence for MSPs

Your customer service is the backbone of your IT managed services business. The way you deliver that customer service is a true reflection of your brand, and it is critical to get it exactly right. The question though is how to define what customer service really means. Many would define it as fast, friendly responses to customer requests. I would argue that “fast and friendly” is just not setting the bar high enough.

To be or not to be an MSSP in 2021

As your MSP practice matures, you will tackle everything from hiring to firing, marketing, vendor relations, and growing your offerings. And while every MSP realizes that security is their oxygen and without it, they die, at some point, they will have to make the call as to whether to go all-in on security or to outsource that expertise.


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