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Bring order to chaos through automation

SuperOps.ai allows you to turn your existing processes into reusable runbooks, so work is standardized, predictable, and gets done in less time.


Key benefits of runbooks



Get new technicians to hit the ground running from day one.



Automate processes and turn them into actionable tasks



Collaborate and check off every step and task, in your runbook, to completion.


I'm not kidding you when I say I've tried every PSA, RMM software out there. But seeing your product makes me so happy. I can't wait for you folks to release it. Fantastic.

Ron. A

TechTap Solutions


Documenting processes is a chore and bore no more

Create dynamic runbooks with if/then logic. Standardize, and update your team's recurring runbooks with zero turnaround time. 



Take the tiresome out of service delivery

Instantly adapt to your team's and client's ever-changing needs by utilizing conditional logic. Supercharge your existing operating processes and policies by turning runbooks into guided automation. 



Too many cooks spoiling the broth? We think not.

More collaboration never meant fewer mistakes until now. You can collaborate with your team efficiently by assigning checklists or individual tasks. Documenting your processes makes it easier to reduce the number of errors and increase the quality of service delivery.


No one likes to get stuck in a jam. No one.

Remove bottlenecks, improve efficiency, reduce mistakes, and streamline decision-making with Approvals. Approve or reject items with a single click, never worrying about unapproved requests making it through again.


Make it easy for technicians to learn the ropes

Help new technicians learn what they need to do and how they need to do it by creating runbooks for all your policies and procedures. This way, they can get up and running from day one and stay efficient.



Beat the clock every single time

By consolidating and centralizing all your runbooks in one place, you can do away with wasteful hours spent on looking for information on what to do on a ticket. Create easy-to-use task and reply templates so work becomes predictable and repeatable. 


Cut the monotony out of IT service delivery


Automate processes, onboard technicians, and get work done in no time using runbooks

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