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Because the average project management tool doesn't cut it for MSPs

SuperOps.ai makes managing projects, technicians, and clients easier, so you can focus on what matters the most to you.


Key benefits of project management



Visualize work to optimize resource utilization and productivity



Group tasks into milestones to get work done faster



Single tool to manage your day-to-day work from end-to-end


We don't use our current built in Project Management tool due to its non-user-friendly nature. SuperOps.ai project management tool overcomes the complexity of traditional project management tools.

Geeshan Subasingha

NetFusion Designs Inc


Visualize progress in a way that works for you

The Kanban view makes it easy to manage capacity and workload, prioritize work between technicians and between milestones. You can assign tasks, filter, and view data based on priority, keeping details front and center. 


Collaborate from day one to deadline

Dive into the details by adding comments, attachments, due dates, and more directly to task cards. Discussions let you keep conversations about projects and tasks focused, in real-time. 


Deliver more with less because less is more

Create projects, manage and assign tasks to individual team members or the entire team, group tasks as milestones. Easily prioritize tasks with deadlines, time estimates, and labels. You can even save and reuse task templates to move things faster.



Know where everything stands at a glance

Instantly view which projects are on track, which ones are falling behind, and what everyone on your team is working on. This works great for status reviews, getting real-time updates, and reprioritizing tasks.


Don't let anything slip through the cracks.


See your projects through to completion with SuperOps.ai

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