ConnectWise Control +

Get remote access to endpoints in the RMM console using ConnectWise Control



What is ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control enables remote access so you can provide IT service to customers securely and quickly. The integration lets technicians access desktops and mobile devices. Updating or providing support on an endpoint device is done quietly without disrupting the clients' work.


Why connect ConnectWise Control and

  • Full Control

Take control of devices from within while maintaining full access to the ConnectWise Control functionality, reporting, and interface.

  • One-click launch

Once the app is deployed on a device, you can take control of a managed device with the click of a single button directly from the console.

  • Unattended remote access

Your technicians can resolve technical issues on endpoints successfully without disrupting customers. Your technicians can access unattended endpoints ensuring less or no downtime.

  • Search and filter

With ConnectWise Control, your technicians can quickly locate the specific customer workstations and devices that require immediate support.

  • Robust security

Every remote session is protected by TLS and 256-bit encryption.


How to set up ConnectWise Control for

  • Get started by navigating to Settings and click 'Marketplace'
  • You will see the list of available integrations; click Install next to the ConnectWise Control app
  • Enter your ConnectWise Control URL, instance ID, and session group and click save

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