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IT asset management made easiest

A variety of assets to manage but not enough visibility or control — sound familiar? Let's change that.


Key benefits of asset management


Automate software and windows management with intelligent policies


Asset management that is built into your ticketing and helpdesk


A centralized platform to monitor assets and help clients stay compliant


I think the platform is really nice. Everything flows nicely and looks neat. The design and usability of the product are really good.

Robbie Emerson

Osiris Technologies


Singular system for every asset, for every client you manage

Get comprehensive, up-to-date records of all the assets you manage in all your client environments. You can quickly discover the assets in your clients' networks using our agent and get a bird's view of their hardware components and software products.



Inventories don't have to be a pain in the asset

Inventory all your clients' assets in a matter of hours using our agent. You can monitor and get real-time, custom alerts and respond to changes in users' CPUs, network equipment, memory usage, installed applications, to name but a few. 



Smart workflows that work for you, your way

You can configure custom fields to track asset details, history, files, documents, and associated tickets that are most important to you and your clients with all the context you need. Bring your technicians together for seamless collaboration at each stage of the asset lifecycle, from procurement right through to retirement.



Playin' nice with ticketing and helpdesk

You can view, secure, and manage your assets directly from within your service desk. With all the asset data inside each ticket, you can eliminate the complexities of ticket management and speed up ticket resolution.


Play by the book or play by your own rules

Blind spots? What blind spots? Set up intelligent automation rules to receive notifications, create and assign tickets, run scripts automatically when users make unauthorized hardware changes, install unapproved software, or there's asset failure.


Comprehensive IT asset management without any of the fuss


Make visibility, context, and automation in IT asset inventories a rule, not an exception.

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