Arvind Parthiban

CEO and Co-founder,

Co-founder & CEO of Flew a blimp over the Salesforce Tower. Ex-CEO of Zarget which was later acquired by Freshworks. Spent a decade at Zoho. Hyperactive. Traveler. Chelsea fanatic.


Marketing your product during a pandemic — a startup founder’s dilemma

This time last year, my cofounder Jayakumar and I launched

Introducing SuperPod Bytes — a new way of doing podcasts

We're doing to podcasts what Twitter did to blogs. We're starting a new wave of short, tightly produced podcasts called SuperPod Bytes because, seriously, who has the time?

4 min read

Every superhero has an origin story

Where did it all start? What sparked the beginning of a super new company that aims to build super cool products for MSPs? Read on to find out.

3 min read

AI and MSP Business Innuendo

Anyone have a clue of what's happening in the MSP industry or how AI is disrupting MSP businesses? No one seems to know or talk about it. Let's explore the impact AI will have on MSP businesses.

4 min read

ESOPs 101 — Know your stocks (Part 2)

Did you know there is another compensation structure similar to ESOPs? Well, it's called RSUs and this post is dedicated to what it is all about and how you can save tax on both RSUs and ESOPs.

4 min read

What every startup founder needs to learn from Star Trek?

I am a big fan of Star Trek, not only because I believe it's a great TV franchise, but also because it exudes great many lessons that startup founders can borrow.

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