All of the asset management features with none of the chaos

You need to maintain and manage not one or two but hundreds of assets across your clients' IT environments. You needn't another bunch of tools to do that. With a single system, you can get a comprehensive record of all the devices and endpoints in your clients' environments.


Inventory all your clients' assets in a matter of hours with our agent. This way, none of the assets go unaccounted for.


Configure custom fields to track asset details, history, files, documents, and associated tickets, so you and your clients have all the context you need to manage assets smoothly.


Thanks to our in-built service desk, all asset information is mapped to the respective tickets. This speeds up ticket resolution and ensures effective ticket management.


With intelligent automation rules, you can get notified when something breaks, or an unauthorized application is installed, automatically create and assign tickets, run scripts, and much more.