The no-filter MSP show

It's time to evolve or shut shop!

And for most MSP owners the challenge isn't understanding the need to evolve, but it's about the 'how'.


It isn't a great time to be an MSP.

The remote revolution. The financial constraints. Finding new clients. Ghosted meetings. New tech. Clients get poached. Fellow MSPs shutting down their business. A lot has happened. And a lot more has been written about how MSPs should 'navigate' these challenges.

It sounds nice and easy on paper: hire a great team, scout for new clients, optimize costs, choose the right tech, do some outbound. But, when it comes to execution these pieces of advice prove to be shallow. They are not unique to your challenges. They're seldom tactical.

Now more than ever there's a need for a new playbook, strategies, and a framework to help you power through the noise and evolve your MSP business and community. That's where I come in. I will be the host of our brand new podcast "SuperPod — The no-filter MSP show".

Each week I interview the best MSP owners and experts across the globe who will share their playbook and secrets. Only actionable advice. No BS. No 'over the top' stuff. It's the only thing you will need to listen to to evolve your MSP in 2020 (and beyond).



P.S. I am Arvind Parthiban. I am the CEO of I'm a seasoned IT professional and a serial entrepreneur who has built (and sold) multiple products in the IT domain. And I will be your host on the SuperPod show.

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