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Let's give your endpoints the invisibility cloak

Proactively deploy patches on laptops and desktops to protect your client systems from vulnerabilities.


Key benefits of patch management


Accelerate your efforts to keep your client systems updated with cloud-native features


Automate patching to proactively avert attacks keeping your client devices risk-free


Maintain user endpoints using a lightweight agent — your users will hardly notice it running


I'm not kidding you when I say I've tried every PSA, RMM software out there. But seeing your product makes me so happy. I can't wait for you folks to release it. Fantastic.

Ron. A

TechTap Solutions


A modern way to manage patches for a distributed workforce

It gets more challenging to manage endpoints, particularly with a growing number of remote workers and off-site assets. With our modern patch management system, you get a comprehensive overview of what's updated, what's outdated, on what device, and for what client. Better yet, you can filter, sort, and deploy bulk updates. 


SuperOps.ai does the job you hate to do

Automate patch deployment using a matrix of configurable policies to avoid drift. You can schedule scans to discover missing patches, identify new patch releases, deploy approved patches, set up reboot options based on user activity, and trigger approvals based on patch category or severity. 


Build custom policies for every client and every device

Create and automate custom tasks and policies right down to the device level. You can also create reusable policies that simplify patch management and deploy remediation at scale.



Leave no stone unturned when it comes to patch sourcing

SuperOps.ai's comprehensive patch sourcing ensures that you have all the patch intelligence required from the windows update agent. This way, you are ready to deploy as new patches are released.


Be it software or endpoints, don't rely on outdated


Experience proactive patch management with SuperOps.ai

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