How to generate thousands in revenue by nurturing partnerships with fellow MSPs

How to generate thousands in revenue by nurturing partnerships with fellow MSPs

The lead generation for your MSPs takes a whole different turn when you stop seeing them as competition and start treating them as partners to help you grow.

Imagine having an ecosystem of partners who give you a constant source of business. And what if it contributes to 20-30% of your revenue every month?

That's exactly what Richard Tubb built with his MSP. He's been in the MSP space for over 20 years, and we wanted to pick his brain on how he grew an MSP business hinging on partnership as a lever.

He did not disappoint.

In this freewheeling conversation with Arvind Parthiban, Richard breaks down how goodwill, partnerships, and genuinely helping his competitors helped him grow his business. Also, he shares his secret for being mindful, the unique way to think about your MSP's marketing, and his biggest MSP pet peeves.

Oh, well, we talked about why Richard feels that your typical MSP introduction doesn't work anymore (and what you could do instead).

Here's a sneak peek into the episode.

- The secret to running a good podcast in the MSP space. 02:45

- The importance of collaborating/partnering with those providing complementary services. 07:00

- The new way to think about MSP marketing. 13:00

- The difficulties of being an MSP owner. 17:45

- The three things Richard does to be mindful. 21: 56

- The 'secret sauce' to your MSP business and the framework to find your differentiation. 27:59

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