Cash flow for MSPs, now made predictable—with’s in-built quote management


Staying true to our vision of providing a unified platform for MSPs for all their business operations, we bring to you powerful quote management functionality built into Enough with the struggle of juggling multiple tools all day, every day.

Brutal honesty here: When we were finalizing our roadmap for Q4 of 2022, Quote Management was not initially part of it. But we were receiving requests for in-built quote management from many of our customers and also from the MSPs that were evaluating us at the time. We did what we do best - listen to you. We brought quote management into our roadmap ahead of our planned schedule. And, now we bring it to you. 

It serves no purpose for MSPs to use yet another tool to just send quotes to their customers and then have to sync those quotes with their PSA. All the while missing out on all the context-rich information that’s already available in the PSA platform. 

We understood the need, hustled hard every day, spoke to more MSPs, and today we are -. 

Introducing Quote Management within, the unified PSA-RMM platform for modern MSPs everywhere.’s quoting does not stop with just sending quotes and getting them approved.

It gives you the ability: 

  • to view the version history of quotes,

  • to chat with your clients from right within the quote page,

  • and to convert the approved quotes into invoices in a single click!

These capabilities of Quote Management in enables you to have better control of your cash flow. After all, predictable cash flow is the lifeline of MSP businesses like yours. 

With this latest addition to our PSA-RMM platform, we’ve taken another step towards our grand vision of unifying core business operations for MSPs. With everything they need on a single pane of glass, MSPs are better equipped and closer than ever to unlocking their business potential for higher efficiency, revenue, and predictable cash flow.

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