Every superhero has an origin story


Where did it all start? What sparked the beginning of a super new company that aims to build super cool products for MSPs? Read on to find out.

Every founder has a moment that sparked the beginning of their startup. And this is our story.

Let's begin with a quick round of introductions

Jay and I have a combined experience of over 35 years in the IT industry. Having been here in this industry for so long, we had front-row seats to the transformations that the industry has undergone right from the fizzy dot-coms days.

Right from the start, we knew we wanted to build for the IT community. We owed it to this amazing community that is always on its toes ensuring business operations don't come to a halt. We wanted to reshape the way people think about IT and IT service providers.

True, the market is vast. There is a tool to solve every IT problem out there. So where do we start? What do we build? We spoke to peers in the industry; we did a thorough market analysis. We zeroed in on building the next-gen ITOM software but something was amiss.

That's when the pandemic hit us and everything came to a standstill. Businesses couldn't operate the way they usually did. Workforce became distributed. This gave us a moment to pause and reflect on how we wanted to revolutionize IT, how we could enable IT service providers to create a positive impact in the business world. We asked ourselves, was ITOM the product we wanted to start with?

We noticed that the pandemic had pushed IT teams into a frenzy. To them, it isn't just about setting up a work desk for people. This meant delivering accessibility, security, assets, etc. to people so that they could work from anywhere efficiently and companies could continue running their business operations without any hiccups.

What should have been done a long time ago — bridging the gap!

IT teams were bombarded with service requests coming in from all directions and timezones now that office had no physical limitations. They needed the extended support of MSPs to keep the engine running.

We wanted to bridge the gap between internal IT and MSPs.

Nine months ago, no one would have expected workforce to become distributed. The pandemic and distributed workforce presented us with new challenges and opportunities.

And only when IT teams and MSPs come together, can they think of new ways of leveraging these opportunities and addressing these challenges.

Why should buying a software feel like a trade-off?

This put huge pressure on MSPs to help IT teams with business continuity plans and deliver IT services to end-users who are now working remotely. While this proved to be a great opportunity for MSPs to demonstrate their value, nothing could have prepared them for the onslaught of service requests from every direction.

The MSPs had rolled up their sleeves and had gone over and beyond to ensure IT service delivery. But, they didn't have the right tools to prepare them for such a turn of events.

We wanted to build a perfect MSP software.

While there were plenty of tools in the market, buying a new MSP software meant trading off problems with the existing one. They always were settling for the least problematic software in the market. It is only fair that they had the perfect MSP software to help them handle the pressures that come with IT service delivery.

We want to build today what will be possible 15 years from now.

We also realized that there is a tool for every problem, except one—change—the change that comes with being in a fast-moving industry like IT. Most of us talk of a post-COVID era. There isn't a post-COVID era where everything will go back to being what it used to be. This is the new normal and it isn't going to change.

We wanted to build a futuristic MSP software with true AI capabilities.

The MSP market is becoming highly consolidated. The world of IT is quickly inching towards AIOps. If MSPs don't stay relevant, they will soon be outdated.

We believe that this is a great opportunity for MSPs to up the game and evolve the way they operate. And for that, they need the perfect software that sets them up for success against unprecedented events like a technological landslide, an economic crisis, or hey! a pandemic.

We decided that if we wanted to revolutionize IT, we had to start building for MSPs first because they are the pillars that strengthen IT service delivery today. The software they were using was a bigger problem that needed solving.

And that's just what we are doing.

If you'd like a little sneak peek into what's in store, we'd love for you to join our pilot program.

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