Cloud solutions - the future of IT services


Everyone’s looking for an easier and faster way to get their work done. For IT, the faster way is cloud solutions. Before we get into why you should opt for the cloud, let's understand what cloud and on-premise solutions are.

Cloud solutions are hosted over the internet and on-prem solutions are hosted on a local server. For example, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud solution that provides software services to individuals and organizations on a subscription basis. On-premise solutions are hosted “inside" the organization. Here the data, software, and hardware are powered entirely by in-house servers that require a huge upfront investment. 

So, why might cloud be the right or even the better choice?

Imagine storing your documents as physical files. It takes up so much space and it is impossible to access them from anywhere you are. It is also extremely difficult to search and find specific files when you require them. But imagine the same amount of files stored on your mobile or PC. They can be accessed anytime and anywhere. You can find the file you need with a single click. There’s no hassle here. Cloud storage works almost the same way. It allows users to access all features without having to store all the data in their systems. It also allows users to access data from anywhere around the globe. It offers improved security, data recovery, storage, accessibility, and scalability. Here’s a deep dive into the advantages of cloud computing.

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