Jayakumar Karumbasalam

Co-founder, CPO, CTO, SuperOps.ai

For over 20 years, Jayakumar Karumbasalam (fondly known as J) has been a noteworthy leader in the IT space. He's a technical architect who enjoys building SaaS products from the ground up. He is known for his work at Zoho, building multi-million dollar products. Before turning co-founder, CPO/CTO of SuperOps.ai, he headed data platforms and built Freshreports (within a record-breaking time of six months) at Freshworks. When he's not thinking about the next feature or product to build, you can find him indulging in a game of snooker. Fun fact: He built a big data product that many telecom companies use today for improving their network performance. It's probably running on your phone right now!


How to structure your engineering-product org for faster delivery

Building software is easy. At least it used to be. All you needed was a small team of full-stack engineers with an idea, a good understanding of your ideal users, and of course, the ability to write code. Everyone did everything — participating in DevOps, writing code, being well-versed in security practices, and bringing new feature ideas for the product roadmap. Ah, the good ol’ days, I tell you.

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